West Bend Insurance

In early 2007, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company hired a small group of experts to rebrand the company. 

The new brand needed to recognize the hardship people go through in a catastrophic event. To empathize, and offer encouragement, while making a promise that West Bend would step up and do the right thing. During an early input meeting, the client complained that “the only time we get to have contact with our customers is when they are having a horrible day.”

In the Summer of 2007, Joe Locher wrote the following phrase: The worst brings out our best.  That’s the silver lining.

Silver Lining "Moments"

Silver Lining "Milestones"

Silver Lining Launch

Silver Lining "Small Business"

Silver Lining "Small Business - Day Care"

Silver Lining "Tims Body Shop"

Silver Lining "Christmas Condo"

Silver Lining "Best Friends"

Silver Lining "The Town of Smiles"

Silver Lining "Little Things"

Silver Lining 2014 Commercial Lines

Silver Lining "Can't Afford to Lose"