This campaign features interviews with New Yorkers, and with cops, in an attempt to begin to rebuild a level of trust between the community and the NYPD. Crime in New York is at a historic low, but some felt this was done at their expense, rather than for their benefit. Neighborhood Policing is designed to engage everyone to be active participants in the safety of the community. Instead of stops and arrests, it's about solving problems. Additionally, there is an urgent need to separate NYPD from the national narrative. People see police violence happening on social media, and there is a tendency to assume that all police departments act this way. We want New Yorkers to know the NYPD is different, and shouldn't be grouped and judged with the actions of other police departments. The campaign consists of 8 x :60 spots, with :30 and :15 lifts, plus several short films.

NYPD Voice

NYPD Meeting

NYPD Familiarity

NYPD Humanity

NYPD Accountability